Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shadow Box Love

"It's so cold outside."
"I am so tired of shoveling the snow."
"I can't wait for Spring."
Does this sound familiar?  I know this time of year is not easy.  The holidays are over.  The house looks a bit plain without the decorations, and it before we realize it we are back into our boring daily routines.
  That said, I rather like this time of year. 
 From July through November, I feel like a crazy women getting ready for shows, making inventory, setting up dislays, tearing down displays etc., and December brings the holiday craze. 

 January FINALLY arrives! 

 Everybody is back to work,  back to school, and the "Holidays" are neatly packed away until next year. 

   I would day dream about what I was going to work on!

 I knew just what I wanted to do.
 I went down to my "make shift" metal shop in the corner of the basement, and pulled out my NEW solder iron. 
  I have always admired those beautiful soldered glass shadow boxes.  
 I had my supplies in order,
glass squares, solder, copper tape, and various items to fill my box with, and I was off.

First of all I must say, soldering is an art. 
 To make it look so smooth and even is not an easy task.  Before I knew it I had made a mess of the copper tape, (wrapping those little glass tiles neatly and evenly hmmmm... let's just say a few pieces are now lost across the room somewhere!)
  I am persistant though, and smart enough to order extra supplies, and eventually I got the hang of it.
I am TOTALLY in love with these beautiful boxes.
I couldn't get my soldering as even as I liked, so I pulled out my rubber stamps and decided to make stamped solder impressions on the boxes.  

I started designing different pieces to put in the boxes.  I cut out sterling flowers with my jewelers saw, made solder hearts, and mounted all   my treasures on some etched brass and vintage paper.

After the soldering, a patina is applied to give them an aged vintage look.
I soldered jump rings the tops and bottoms, cleaned them up, and gave them a good buff and polishing.  Whew!!

Each of these beautiful shadow boxes are now the focal point of some new necklaces.
Each necklace is a one of a kind.
The necklaces were created with re-purposed chains, wrapped beads and vintage findings.

All thise pieces can be found on my website. Just click the links below

A perfect gift for Valentines Day or any day!

In case your wondering, I haven't neglected my leather.
February is another favorite month of mine, and some New surprises are on the way..


Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am ashamed to say....

Things aren't always what they appear to be in my home. 
 Friends who stop by always comment on how beautifully decorated the house is; they love the uncluttered rooms, and comment "Your so organized."  As much as I appreciate the comments, because I do work hard at keeping the house in check, and enjoy decorating.... I get this PANG of guilt in my stomach....  I have a hidden secret.

I don't know what it is about those small spaces, they just get the best of me. 
  I know where my problem starts,
  I buy clothes, I make clothes;  I buy purses, I make purses...Do you see my dilemma? 

I do purge, but not enough......

Why do I find it so easy to donate an old lamp, (even if it gets used every day, just because I want a new style?)  but I can't seem to toss that sweater I bought 5 years ago, that I have only worn a dozen times?

This morning I was looking at my "Houzz" email.  There was an article on closets.

Should I read it?  Are they really going to tell me something I don't all ready know?  Reluctantly I   "clicked."   It was an eye opener... Here is the quote that hit home.

"When your closet (or your house) is full of things from your past,
 things that only remind you of who you were,
 you very literally have no room for who you are now and who you are becoming."

 FINALLY something made sense to me.  I know where to begin.

Now I am really going to be brave, I don't feel like my rehab. would be complete without sharing it all.  So here is my closet, or should I say my past?

Now my secret is out... I guess this is step #1, owning up to your problem...

I am going to take their advice, start small. 
 Step one is to begin the "purge," and not  a random selection like I did before. 
 This time I am going to keep the quote in mind, I may even hang it on the door! 

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Here is to the future...